Digital Marketing



Hi, I’m Carissa!

Since I could remember I always loved holding a camera. In second grade I took my first Kodak disposable camera on a field trip to the San Francisco Zoo, developed the photos at Walgreens, and began scrapbooking. Then, in middle school I begged my parents for one of those cool digital cameras that had a screen on it and documented my entire middle school journey through photos on Myspace. Once I got to high school, smartphones got even smarter and a camera became more accessible through my hand-me-down Palm Treo. Then I finally got my hands on my first iPhone in senior year and posted my first Instagram photo - a blank piece of binder paper with a green mechanical pencil on the side, captioned “senioritis.“

My passion for videography began when I jetted out of the country after college and travel influencers flooded my Instagram feed. That’s when I realized how much money there is to be made on social media. I believe creativity and business should go hand in hand. One can only take their talents so far if they do not capitalize on growth not only in their craft, but also in business. As much as I love being creative through digital media, I love the challenges of brand marketing even more. Learning about a brand, ideating a plan, and creating a team to execute a project and help my clients reach their business goals is my favorite form of creativity.

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